"It has been an absolute honor and privilege to work alongside Lonnie Brewer. His passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence is second-to-none. Lonnie has been a trusted advisor, an objective sounding-board, a mentor, executive coach, valued consultant, and a friend. Humble, yet unapologetic, a man of high standards yet patient with others, and a big picture thinker and leader who took time to understand our business and the value of incremental goal achievement. The results included the business overcoming nearly a million-dollar deficit, that lingered for several years. We grew the operating budget by $1.6 million, and grew our liquidity by $2.5 million, while reducing our debt to less than $100,000. Frankly, Lonnie Brewer is the real deal!"

Kirk Ray Smith, President & CEO
Hope Villages of America, Inc.

“Lonnie has an incredible ability to delve into the hard topics of high-stakes situations that led to self-reflection, innovative solutions, and finding purpose. He was able to earn my trust quickly through his incredible listening skills and sincere interest in helping to identify the topics that really needed to be discussed. His feedback and questions are shared in such a genuine way, that you feel empowered and at ease on the journey of development."

Michael Rabinovitch
SVP, Chief Accounting Officer
Tech Data, Incorporated

"Lonnie is able to weave diversity and inclusion practices and principles into his life changing insights and suggestions in a way that resonates with leaders from all backgrounds. He gets to the heart of the matter quickly through authenticity, empathy, his own lived experience, and a communications style that immediately puts clients at ease. I have and will continue to recommend Lonnie."

Deb Dagit, President
Deb Dagit Diversity, LLC

"Lonnie Brewer’s approach to coaching brought immediate benefits to me. He is a sincere and easily approachable advisor and I felt at ease with him very quickly in our relationship. He has an ability to listen and then boil down issues into relatable stories and experiences which help to get to the heart of the matter and to make progress. He speaks from his heart and genuinely tries to help others be their best. He helped me see leadership as not just about my job but about being human and living with integrity. As a female finance leader in a technology company, Lonnie was instrumental at helping me navigate unique, sometimes difficult situations, and be more strategic in my thinking. When I was evaluating career opportunities, he helped me reflect on my own needs and goals to make the right decisions for my career and my life. Lonnie is a great resource for any company who is passionate about developing its leaders.”

Cookie Serrano
SVP, Chief Financial Officer, APAC
Fortune 100 Technology Company

"Lonnie is a trusted thought-partner and visionary who focuses on developing transformative leaders. He has the rare ability to push me to balance strategic and tactical imperatives in complex and high-stakes situations. I always appreciate that Lonnie's insights push me to leverage my strengths while not losing sight of my growth opportunities. I highly recommend him as a coach and thought-partner for current and future executives who want to accelerate their growth."

Tamara Fountain
VP, Head of People & Culture
Sonoma Biotherapeutics

"I have worked with Lonnie for a number of years as an executive coach, consultant, and trusted advisor. Lonnie helped me to build an effective global talent strategy and a high performing leadership team during a time of business transformation. Later, Lonnie and I partnered again, where he was exceedingly instrumental in helping to develop an employee resource group from a group of passionate advocates, focused on articulating to senior leaders why the hiring, retention and advancement of diverse slates would add value to the organization. We were highly successful! Lonnie’s ability to listen, build trust and communicate difficult subjects effectively in a graceful manner was a significant differentiator and made him an unquestionably gifted executive coach and consultant. I am fortunate that I partnered with Lonnie throughout this journey and enthusiastically recommend him as an executive coach and consultant.”

Clifford Samuel
Former, SVP, Global Patient Solutions
Gilead Sciences, Incorporated

“Recently, I faced a tough re-election campaign during the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic. I had to quickly pivot and reinvent my campaign strategy midstream. Lonnie worked with me and helped me strategize to better leverage my strengths to meet the moment successfully. Working with Lonnie has been immensely helpful, rewarding, and inspiring. His passion and optimism are both infectious and motivating. Lonnie is a talented executive coach who combines great listening with powerful and insightful questions. He encourages self awareness of the values you bring while also addressing the need to dig deep to explore new approaches and ideas that would work with your leadership skills. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their goals in life and work!”

Peggy Choudhry
Osceola County Commission District 1

“From the first time I met Lonnie, I knew that I wanted to work with him. What I didn't know then is what a profound impact he would have on me. Lonnie has a razor sharp insight into a person's essence. He gets me, knows what makes me tick, and through it all I get no sense of judgment. In fact, what I find is rather the opposite, a person who I believe genuinely wants me to succeed, and goes above and beyond in order to ensure it. In our first few meetings, he quickly assessed both my skills and opportunities - and articulated them to me more clearly than anyone has prior. But it's been the meetings since that have really blown me away. Sometimes I'll come with no idea of what I want to talk about, and in the course of an hour, he'll have pulled out that thing that was bothering me, helped me to articulate it, and given me a tool in order to manage it. He has meaningfully impacted my growth at work in a shockingly short amount of time (under 6 months at this point) and I could not be more grateful to have him as my coach. I feel very lucky to have Lonnie in my corner, and I could not more strongly recommend him. The lessons he has given me will help both my career and personal growth for the rest of my life.”

Carrie Gouskos
Executive Producer

“Working with Lonnie has helped me level up in every way imaginable. His empathy, curiosity, and insight has helped me navigate huge transitions in my personal and professional lives in the past year. Lonnie brings humor and logic to his coaching practice. I feel completely comfortable to be my genuine self with him, and I feel safe being honest and transparent with him. Lonnie has helped me identify areas of improvement, setting goals and action plans around them, in addition to helping me work through one off difficult conversations or tough decisions. I always look forward to our conversations. Partner with Lonnie and get ready to soar!”

Julie Wunderlin
Facilitator, Marketer, and Storyteller.

“People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Lonnie Brewer as your coach and mentor to guide you through the process. I am lucky to have Lonnie as an executive coach this past year during a time where I needed to further grow my leadership approach. I have learned a lot from him on dealing with leadership challenges, building a high performing team, and providing a vision and strategy for my organization. Lonnie helped me identify leadership areas to work on while cheering me on. I attribute a lot of my success in navigating a change period in my career to Lonnie. Here are the real benefits of having Lonnie: -Lonnie is an independent advisor who can provide frank and neutral advice that may be difficult to find inside your own workplace, -Lonnie allows you to talk about your strategies or consider new ideas with a CEO -Lonnie will be your conscience and mentor to keep you on track, -Lonnie is just a great authentic leader and individual! When you need to change abruptly or evolve gently, Lonnie will be there. Thank you Lonnie, I value all the coaching sessions we’ve had over the past year, and appreciate having you in my corner. ”

Sevana MassihSevana Massih
Vice President of Service Delivery at Aira

“Lonnie is an exceptional coach, blending his corporate experience with cutting-edge coaching techniques to help clients up their professional game on a transformational level. Having performed at the highest levels, Lonnie really understands the journey that executives are on. Clients who work with Lonnie will uncover new insights around their strengths, areas of development and identify practical actions to achieve their goals. I've learned small differences in the way we behave, think and perform can have a huge impact. The growth that I am experiencing working with Lonnie is having a profound impact for me both professionally and personally.”

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